Secure Online Passwords

Most hackers can break into your computer without using any impressive programming skills.  A lot of people use their name, pet name, home phone number, or simple words like “password.”

If you have a very simple password, then a hacker can hack your computer very easily by trying to guess your password.  To safe guard your personal computer from these guys there is a very simple way to create a tricky password.

Below are some steps to make your passwords difficult to guess:

  • Try to use the max number of characters allowed in your password

This is the simplest method because the longer the password the more difficult it is to guess.  Or make an effort to exceed the minimum required.

  • Combine lower-case and upper-case letters in your password

Most PC users apply only lower-case letters to their passwords, but it is best to use the combination of both upper and lower-case.  Doing so will make it much more difficult to crack.

  • Combine letters and numbers in your password

When you mix both letters and numbers it makes your password incomprehensible, and places the odds in your favor because most just use letters or just numbers.

  • Try not to use the name of any family member in your password

The name of your child, spouse, pet, city, or country are easy to guess if anybody knows you and your family.

  • Password management and encrypting software

If coming up with your own password is too time-consuming, there are many software tools that help you generate and manage your passwords.  Some of them are free and most are inexpensive for the security and peace of mind they provide.

  1. PC Tools Password Generator is a password generator that you can download for free.
  2. Roboform is an inexpensive way to manage and/or encrypt your passwords, with excellent features such as the ability to automatically fill forms for you when you apply to a certain membership website or online purchases.  It is a great time saver.  Look for programs such as these to rid yourself of the headache of remembering and maintaining passwords.

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David Goes has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services and computer industry.  He holds a Bachelors degree in computer information systems with cum laude designation.  His expertise is in providing computer solutions that deliver business value and personal efficiency through database management, computer optimization, and online marketing.