A Clean Computer

If using a computer is part of your daily routine, then it makes sense to internally clean your computer for any potential viruses.  There are two simple software programs that can do a basic cleaning of the computer.  They are free to download, however, a donation is appreciated.

  • Spybot – Search & Destroy: Spybot is a program that eliminates spyware and malware that resides in your computer.  The benefits are fewer errors, faster start-ups, and a cleaner system.
  • CCleaner: CCleaner is a good cleaning tool specifically for privacy purposes.  It removes traces of online activity, such as your Internet history (not to be confused with bookmarks), unused files, temporary files, and cookies from your system.  The benefits are optimization of your computer, more hard disk space available, and faster Windows start-up.

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David Goes has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services and computer industry.  He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems with cum laude designation.  His expertise is in providing computer solutions that deliver business value and personal efficiency through database management, computer optimization, and online marketing.