Computer Tip – IE or Mozilla?

I have been advising my clients to do this for years, and now on ABC News they announced that your passwords may not be safe using Internet Explorer (IE).

IE has been the main highway for internet traffic for years.  Since it is well-traveled by the majority of people, hackers, spammers, and malicious software developers have found it a great place to fish for personal and financial information which they in turn can sell or wreak havoc on your privacy.

It is prudent to take the road less traveled in this case.  Mozilla offers the most advanced online protection.

To install Mozilla Firefox click on Free Download and follow the instructions.  It takes only a minute!

I am available for any questions or if you need technical help, feel free to contact me.

David Goes has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services and computer industry.  He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems with cum laude designation.  His expertise is in providing computer solutions that deliver business value and personal efficiency through database management, computer optimization, and online marketing.