An Introduction to Skype

You may be asking yourself, What is Skype?  Skype is a free online service that allows you to talk and see family or friends anywhere in the world or send instant messages through the internet so long as they are also connected to Skype.  For those not familiar with it, this article is for you. [...] Read more »

Computer Tip: How to Google internationally

I recently took a trip to Spain and brought my laptop with me. When I used Google search, my results came up in Spanish and automatically changed the url address to “” (instead of .com at the end). How do you prevent this from happening? This can be quite a pain in the neck, especially [...] Read more »

Safety Tips for Online Banking

A lot of people use online banking to save time, or for convenience. It is one less thing to do on the list. There are security precautions to take, however, if this is your permanent banking method. Try the following four (4) tips below to check the authenticity of the bank’s site. 1. Minimize the [...] Read more »

Preventing Hacked Emails

Have you ever received an email from a trusted friend where the content of the email was simply a website link which upon clicking sent you to a Viagra website? These strange emails indicate your email address has been hacked by hackers accessing your contacts and sending off spam garbage and other potential viruses. How [...] Read more »

Beware of Internet Security Essentials

Internet Security Essentials…sounds like a necessary thing to have for your computer.  It also sounds very familiar with another program called Microsoft Security Essentials which is a pretty good and free, legitimate anti-virus program. However, Internet Security Essentials is quite different. Unlike Microsoft Security Essentials, it is a rouge program which you might notice at [...] Read more »