Surfing the Net with Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks (links) are usually used within websites to give the reader more in-depth information on a particular topic.  However, links can also take you to another page on the current website or to an entirely new website, a different company, other article, or a promotional advert. Let’s say you are on the internet reading an [...] Read more »

A Computer Fairy Tale – A Strategy for PC Maintenance

Is my computer completely protected and clean once I have an anti-virus program? The answer is No.  There are simply too many malicious schemes out there; it is hard to cover them all with one program. Consider this:  Let’s pretend your computer is a castle.  To get inside your castle everyone needs to pass through [...] Read more »

File Converter for MS Office Documents

Are you having problems opening documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint that someone gave you or sent to you through email? These strange documents come from the latest versions of MS Office 2007/2010 and end with a file extension of .docx (for Word), .xlsx (for Excel), and .ppsx (for PowerPoint). This is a different [...] Read more »

Computer Tip – Website Viewing

Do you have difficulty sometimes reading or viewing a website because the print is too small (or too large)?  If so, try the following: To enlarge: Go to the website you want to enlarge Press and hold the <Ctrl> key Next, start pressing the <+> key (the plus sign is usually found on the number [...] Read more »

A Clean Computer

If using a computer is part of your daily routine, then it makes sense to internally clean your computer for any potential viruses.  There are two simple software programs that can do a basic cleaning of the computer.  They are free to download, however, a donation is appreciated. Spybot – Search & Destroy: Spybot is [...] Read more »

Computer Tip – How to select multiple files

To select multiple files in a directory or messages next to each other: Using the mouse, click once on the first file or message (no double-clicking) to highlight it Then let go of the mouse once the item is highlighted With one hand, press the <shift> key down on the keyboard With the other hand, [...] Read more »


In this world of uncertainty many times we are made to worry about so many things that we don’t know whether to turn right or left.  This is further compounded if we are new or in the process of learning how to use the personal computer and the internet. Some tips were shared to me [...] Read more »