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Ilene Baranowitz, owner of Local Goes Mobile -    
Ilene thanks David for cleaning her computer remotely and providing her with tools and to help her keep her system trouble free.  She is grateful that she will not have to buy a new computer after he restored it to faster working condition.

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Lucinda Henriques, Managing Director of College, Nannies, and Tutors – After much money spent on computer techies, such as Geek Squad and so on, this was the answer to my prayers.  David has helped me tremendously with understanding how my computer works and giving  me the ability to take control of my system.  In just a few sessions he made my pc work faster and taught me how to keep it trouble free.  Now I feel more in control of my computer and my business rather than struggling with all the occasional PC interruptions.  I would recommend anyone who owns a computer to use Patient Computer Tutor now before problems occur.

Daphne Dolores, Tennis Instructor – David saved my life, when my home PC went down.  He doesn’t give up and he doesn’t get upset.  I   easily get frustrated, but David is patient enough to see the job through.  He absolutely knows what he is doing and he does it quickly and thoroughly.

“It’s Alive” by Lois Stearns, Retired Computer Systems Mgr – Believe it or not, I have spent the past week bringing my dead computer  back from the grave. With the help of a computer guru whom I jokingly call Dr. Frankenstein,  I learned how to open up the case and vacuum out the 23 tons of cat hair and cracker crumbs from the innards which solved the crashes caused by a “thermal event” instantly. Then we proceeded to wipe the thing clean of programs, files, cookies and everything else and reinstall the XP op system and the programs I really need and use. I spent the week with my phone glued to my ear while he operated in a program that hooked his computer to mine and let him have his way with her while I clicked, when prompted,  on stuff here and there …….. and ran back and forth between the desktop and my laptop while we created a network. Oy, am I tired ! He did all the work, but I suffered the anxiety. However, I now have a sweet well functioning computer again and no longer have to wait 12 minutes for it to paint a screen, not to mention make its way through 15 other programs before getting to the one I asked for to begin with. At my age, I don’t have the time for that sort of nonsense.

My mind is totally boggled at what David and I were able to do using rather ordinary current technology.  Just watching him maneuver his pointer around my screen and tell my machine what he wanted it to do made me dizzy with wonder.  And the fact that his telephone voice in my ear arrived strong and clear from the Algarve in Portugal as though it was a block away on Laurel Canyon Blvd is equally amazing.  I am not totally convinced that the progress the human race has made in the area of technology is really such a good thing, but it sure as hell is mighty convenient.  What a pity we have been unable to improve ourselves equally in the areas of character, compassion and civilized behavior…..

Incidentally, I am so impressed with what David, my guru, has done for me that I want to give him a plug.   I consider him a magician and not only talented but more than fair and even generous with his abilities and services.  You can consult him via phone or email and discuss your problem without charge.  He will quote a price for his services to solve your problems and then you can decide whether you want to continue or not.

Mrs. Julie Freitas, Certified Childbirth Educator (BACCE) – I thought I could never master using the computer.  David came and after one hour I was more confident and less anxious.  His teaching skills allowed me to communicate with my daughter, who is out of the country in Israel.  I’ve progressed to mastering the use of video files.  David is patient, compassionate, and reasonable.


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